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Stay connected via VoIP

We are a team of VoIP consultants specializing in the well-known Asterisk communication system.  At the same time, we also provide network and security IT service including network design and firewall installation.

Highlight of IPPBX Features

The most common use of VoIP technology is the IPPBX which redefines how our daily telephone system works.  IPPBX powered by Asterisk has many advanced telephony features.  It is not just a telephone system, but also a useful tool to serve your customers better.


Support WFH 

You can put office extension in your smartphone app or simply plug the IP phone to your home internet.


Digital receptionist

Incoming calls can be handled by company greetings with options to reach different departments


ACD call queuing

Customer calls can be queued and distributed to your agent team effectively


Virtual conference

Our PBX already provides built-in PIN-protected conference room


Cloud/Virtual PBX

PBX can be hosted on cloud, simplifying your infrastructure


Reduce IDD cost $$

Reduce your IDD phone bills by leveraging on-net calls

VoIP can add value to your business

In Internet Age, voice communication still pays a critcal role in business communication.  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) addresses this by enabling voice communcation across the internet.  It makes use of your existing broadband connection to effectively reduce your long-distance call charges while at the same time, keeping your existing phone numbers.

Apart from cost reduction, you also get enhanced features that improve your communication with clients and partners.  VoIP can connect your mobile device, desktop, and office phone together so you can take and direct calls using all three.   It truely allows you to keep connected.  VoIP communication should be part of your business continuity plan.

The upcoming 5G will certainly boost application of VoIP in mobile device, multi-site video and conferencing call.   It is now time to consider upgrading your phone system. 

Key Benefits

  • Put office extensions to your mobile app or simply plug the IP PHONE to your home internet when you work from home

  • Reduce IDD costs by leveraging the internet to make calls​

  • Enjoy advanced telephony features that are enabled by VoIP system

  • Facilitate business continuity by migrating voice communications to the cloud, enabling staff to work from home or office efficiently

  • Integrate all your communication devices into the VoIP network

  • Enjoy quality audio communiction over the internet

Our Services

Starlingtech provides a variety of innovative and comprehensive IT solutions. We specialize in VoIP consultation and deployment using the wildely accepted Asterisk communication system.


VoIP consultation and deployment

We are able to understand your requirements and propose the appropriate telephony solution to add value to your business.


Network Infrastructure Consultation

Protect your infrasturcture by comprehensive firewall and security solutions

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