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VoIP consultancy and deployment service

A typical business application of VoIP is the VoIP-based telephone system (IPPBX).  Comparing to traditional PBX, it is more flexible, feature-rich and cost-effective.  It also adds value to your business by improving the way communcation takes place.

IPPBX Overview

IPPBX overview

IPPBX unites an organization's many locations into a converged communication network, effectively reducing call charges between locations and enabling centralized control. 

Our IPPBX solutions are built upon the proven Asterisk software platform and leading hardware brands such as Dell, Grandstream, Yealink and Sangoma.  We choose the suitable combination to fit your requirement.

You can put extensions on IP phones, Mobile apps or PC softphones.  There are a number of compatible IP phones ranging from simple 1-line phone to executive phone that has a large screen for video communication.

To fully take advantge of VoIP, setup an IPPBX in branch office and unify the communication network into one.  Ring overseas staff simply by their extensions and there is no more IDD charge.

You can also bring your own compatible hardware (phyical server or VM) and let us do the service-only job.

Converged audio/video communcation and cost savings

Converge multiple locations into one communication system using Internet.  Call your overseas colleages by their office extensions.  We are making use of Internet to carry audio and video, eliminating long distance call charges.  Moving into 5G era, bandwidth-demanding video communcation becomes flawless.

Improving call center service level

Should you manage call centers, let the IPPBX route the service hotline to different locations based on timezone and service type.  IPPBX is flexible enough to support various business rules by custom IVRS and ACD.  Of course, it comes with builit-in agent monitoring and conversation recording.  

Facilitate virtual office

It is never too late to start making your office virtually anywhere and not even at home.  Imagine you make a call to a client from home or during a business trip with your work number as if you were in office, and vice versa.   Simply download a softphone app to your Android or iOS smartphone to enable the carry-on work number.

Integration with your CRM

Your fantastic CRM needs a voice processing backend ?  We are experienced in encapsulating the IPPBX voice capabilities into various web service APIs that communicate with your CRM.   Your application team can focus on building CRM functions (user interface, database interaction), leaving the voice processing part to us. 

Many more applications

Our VoIP platform could support most of the applications that require DTMF or audio to work.  For example, it may be a phone survey to solicit opinions or outbound dialer to deliver a message.  The platform could be on cloud or on premise depending on your infrastructure preference.

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